Why Mercury-X.com?

There's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a start-up bloom, especially if you were lucky enough to be part of the decisions and actions that guided it to success.

Whilst tech is my main area of expertise, over the years I have been involved in advising many companies, across numerous sectors. All of them have needed specific advice, but they all share certain things in common: a solid vision and a strategy and plan to match are all vital, as is a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the operations.

And a guide to help them along the road is often the difference between heady success and abysmal failure.

As such we provide a number of services to our clients:

Proposition development. How do you turn a brilliant idea into something more concrete? Mercury-X.com can research your market, sector, and key opportunities for growth, and turn that seed into a sapling ready to grow.

Business plan building and refinement. Reviewing and perfecting plans can be frustrating, and is certainly time-consuming, but we can help to polish the plan for for both internal and external use.

Fundraising. Raising money is often - no, always - hard, and Mercury-X.com can guide you along the way, from introducing potential investors, to helping with the negotiations and sealing the deal.

Operational reviews. Things aren't going as well as they should internally? Mercury-X.com's deep experience in operational enhancement means that our clients are made fully aware of what is going right and wrong, and are given the assistance to get everything back on track.

Business development reviews. Growth is the life-blood of any organisation, and Mercury-X.com can help pinpoint issues and make corrective action suggestions to optimise marketing and boost sales.

Mercury-X.com is an advisory service to guide start-ups and other companies along the journey to greatness. Mercury was the Roman god of both trade and travel, and so seemed like an apt name for advisors that seek to combine the two. And X - well, it stands for both the x-factor that we aim to give our clients, as well as the unknown path that together we will tread.

We are here for both big and small, so if you would like a chat about what we can do for you, please get in touch.

Sam Olsen



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