The new Bill Gates?

Given the less than courteous view of Microsoft in techie circles, he would probably wince at this, but Vitalik Buterin could well be the next Bill Gates.

I have spent the week focusing on blockchain. Tuesday night was the highlight, going to see Buterin talk about Ethereum, his brainchild and what could really dominate the world like Windows does today.

Buterin is a 21 year old Russian-born Canadian, a visionary polymath and winner of the World Technology Award and a Thiel Fellowship. He also co-founded Bitcoin Magazine.

What he is mainly known for is Ethereum. Perhaps not a word on everyone's lips at the moment, but it is coming. And in a big way.

Ethereum is not software, but, in Butyrin's own words, a 'decentralised operating system for a new kind of internet'.

(For those not so current on what the blockchain is, this video should help. But I'll be posting more about it very soon.)

Hearing Buterin speak is impressive. He is only 21, and as confident and articulate as a 31 year old. Thankfully he has flashes of youthful humour, which make him seem much more approachable than his soaring reputation would otherwise indicate.

It wasn't just about Buterin though. The whole Ethereum concept is mind-boggling, but being in the room hearing him describe the challenges and opportunities ahead was awe-inspiring. That is an oft-used phrase, but it is very apt here.

Our host for the night chose to use a quote from Wall St, when Charlie Sheen is about to go into Gecko's office for the first time. 'Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.' And if Buterin does succeed in turning Ethereum into the global master that he intends, then it will have been one of those moments for me too. Watch this space.

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