Growth Strategy and Execution

We work with founders and leadership teams to develop highly effective growth strategies relevant for their stage of development, designed to set them apart from the pack and to encourage robust buy-in from staff.

Exit Strategy

Founders and investors alike always have many questions on exit. How do we boost enterprise sale value? How do we find the best possible exit in the first place? How do we make sure our culture won’t be destroyed by the buyers? We help our clients to plan their exit – when, how, and who to sell to - and ensure that their growth plans serve to maximise their exit potential.

Leadership Consulting

In the face of unrelenting pressure from clients and competitors, the companies that succeed are those that get the best out of their top talent. At Mercury-X we work with founders, boards, and investors to make sure the organisation’s leadership is working well together, is aligned on strategy, and properly equipped with the skills to take the company forward.

Overseas Expansion

We work with our clients to establish their expansion strategy, taking into account a mass of variables such as geography, human talent, and market attractiveness, and helping to quantify the risks and the potential returns.

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